Community Rules

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    Please read before posting

    To ensure our Forums are an enjoyable and informative space for the community, please adhere to the following rules, including our testing agreement and privacy policy.

    1 Respect your fellow community members by not posting messages or images in a way that intimidates, bullies or insults other people. This includes harassment, griefing, trolling, flaming, and impersonation of another user or an official. Trolling is behaving in a way that is deliberately provocative, negative or controversial, with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument, or to make the troll the centre of attention. Don’t feed the trolls!

    This includes any content uploaded to the forums that is deemed mature or inappropriate, such content will be removed by the moderation team if found.

    2 Swearing is permitted in our Forums, if it is not in a disrespectful way as covered by point 1.

    3 Spamming and flooding threads or topics is not permitted.

    4 Do not use our Forums for self-promotion or advertisement. Although we allow general discussion, the main purpose of these Forums is to test and discuss Bleeding Edge, which should be respected.

    5 Do not use our Forums to support or condone any illegal activities, such as drug use, piracy, hacks, etc.

    6 Do not use our Forums to share any copyrighted material (such as published books, magazines, links to downloadable music, etc.)

    7 Never share your personal information with anyone. Although we allow sharing of online IDs (such as your Gamertag, Nintendo friend code etc.), we do not allow sharing of any passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, or personal contact information.

    The administrators of this Forum will never ask for your personal information.

    8 Please ensure your posts are appropriate for the category you are posting in, if a moderator feels your post is better suits in another category they will move it.

    9 We request out community avoid spam or junk posts such as all CAPS, use a misleading title, or excessive punctuation, etc. This is for the benefit of the community and to ensure the Bleeding Edge forums remain a fun and safe environment for everyone.

    10 Please avoid referring to specific developers or Ninja Theory to increase the likelihood a member of the team will respond to your posts. If you have a technical issue with Bleeding Edge, then please visit our knowledge base where you can find helpful information and the option to submit a message to the Bleeding Edge Support team.

    11 We kindly ask the community to not “bump” posts, this includes bumping very old threads or developer announcements

    12 The primary goal of these forums is Bleeding Edge discussion and feedback, we ask our community to avoid creating petitions or polls. Any threads requesting replies as votes may be locked by a member of the moderation team.

    13 It’s common for a member of the team to create a thread requesting player feedback relating to something specific within Bleeding Edge, we review all feedback provided on these forums and kindly ask the community to keep content they post within these feedback threads relevant to the thread title.

    14 Please do not post about locked or deleted threads.

    Please note that these rules apply to all images, text, and links that appear on this Forum.

    If you break these rules, either intentionally or by accident, we will inform you and either edit or remove your posts. Persistent or excessive misconduct may result in a temporary suspension or permanent removal from this Forum.