My Thoughts on the Game Balance and Some Potential Changes.

  • First of all, I'm not going to cover glitches/bugs as I'm sure plenty of people will take care of that. These are my thoughts and opinions on the game in General and the Characters individually, regarding any minor QoL changes I feel would be beneficial.

    I'll avoid Wall of Text format for easy reading and be as concise as possible.

    Overall the game is well balanced, which is impressive considering the known difficulty to do so in the Genre. Teamplay will determine how well balance is retained in the long run.

    The only thing I have to say on General features/aspects is related to the transport/mount customization. I am not aware if it is already a feature planned but characters with unique mounts such as Buttercup/ZeroCool need to have customization options for their vehicles as well, even if it is just Trail effects.

    I would presume that their vehicles themselves will be covered by their skins in terms of differences.

    This may be merely a nitpick of mine but the desirability of a character in a game with aesthetic customization options is greatly diminished when they are excluded from those options.

    Now onto Characters; all testing was done with no Mod equipped unless stated otherwise.

    Melee characters with differing Basic Attack combos should have indicators of the input/effects of each combo in their Abilities menu. Eg. Makutu's combo enders being knock away and the uppercut launch to air combo need to be differentiated.

    - His Mod for Infinite Stealth should be removed or reworked.
    Not because it is broken/OP but because of the way it is used and the problem it presents to Teamplay. In my experience and I am aware experience of others as well, people using it predominantly remain Stealthed the entire match and do not provide assistance to the team; only becoming visible to kill near death opponents who are alone then running away and returning to Stealth.

    I've seen players contribute 1-2 kills and nothing else for an entire game because of this. Some doing nothing at all.

    - The initial targeting cursor for her Suck Ya' bomb when not targeting an opponent should be moved forward of her character model rather than on top of it.

    - Some improved turning handling/mobility on her Missile Ult. would be beneficial.
    As is you are almost guaranteed to hit a wall/obstacle in anything smaller than a coliseum long before nearing your target and given the idea is to detonate as close to the end of the fuse as possible, this seems highly counter-intuitive.

    Nothing of significance to mention. Damage and Mobility seem appropriate.

    - .5 second Increase to the Base time an opponent remains trapped in her Cage.
    The synergistic purpose is clear but the potential to capitalize on it is just that slight bit too strict even for the most organized team. The change would grant the momentary increase in reaction time for players to capitalize on the opportunity with the additional .5s from the Mod giving a full extra second in total for slightly out of position moments.

    - 1 second Increase to the Base duration of Vanish and a reduction to the Mod duration by 1s.
    Maeve's survivability is a little on the questionable side but additional Health is not the answer. Her play around Abilities and CD resets would benefit from the extra second on base Vanish time allowing players to forgo the extra time or movement speed Mods if desired without what feels like a severe loss in usability.

    - When used in the air while locked onto a target, her Swoop special should always aim down toward the target.
    When not locked on it should move horizontally in the air. As is, it seems to be completely random and unpredictable.

    - Enemies in melee range should be knocked back a small distance on activation of her Hightail escape.
    Does not need to deal damage but the disruption would buy her an extra moment or two to escape unfavorable situations. As is she becomes an easily hit midair target before she can make an additional move in her escape.

    Nothing of significance to mention. Damage is appropriate for a Support and Healing output is adequate.

    - Increase to base healing by Lucky Charm Passive from 18 to 20.
    This would improve unModded passive healing slightly and increase the Modded heal to 25 which would bring him slightly more in line with the other Supports without drastically altering his focus on Buffs/Debuffs or making him too powerful.

    - A dial back on the Charge time increase on Bamboozle to 50-60%.
    While this Ult. is strong in the right situation, it is pointless if you aren't able to earn it and of all the Ults in the game, this was the one that became somewhat too difficult to earn reliably in a match after the patch.

    - Addition of some form of prominent visual indicator that shows the charge level of his Heal Beam when not active.
    Taking a risk on a clutch heal too often results in problems when you cannot tell at a glance how effective you will be.

    El Bastardo:
    - Reduction in either Base Health or Shield gain overall.
    Even in non-optimal teamplay, he proves to be a tad too hard to kill when unsupported and near impossible if he is backed up by any teammates.

    - Reduction in top range shield gain on Unkillable Ult. from 250 to 200.
    Again, his survivability is just a tad too over-centralizing. Going from literal Immortality to a possible +250 shield on top of health is a bit much.

    - The audio on her Charged Basic attack is still a little too loud and needs toning down.
    Othewise she seems balanced as a Tank and there is nothing else of significance to mention.

    - Charge should be able to pick up and carry opponents knocked to the ground.
    Have to see this change in effect to determine how much it would alter his strength however.

    - Heal stance self healing should be reduced slightly.
    He outheals Supports overall as is. His healing should augment Support contribution, not render it nearly unnecessary.

    That's all I have to say, I enjoyed what I saw and look forward to seeing changes and improvements like those I suggested and in other ways I didn't get time to look into.

    Thanks for reading ^w^

  • @o-TG-Wolf-o I found a bit of a messed up abusive attack with Cass on my first run in the game, if somebody is to jump onto a stair below cass, you can spam your Y move for and infinite damage trap, no knockback at all on the enemy player, they just get stuck getting attacked until death. Video on my xbox captures GT:Shadow2995