• Playing today I had some interesting ideas.

    1. hoverboardFor hoverboards, I think ot would be cool if you could do tricks, grind, do combos( maybe even for attacks as well) ,etc. It would be a nice touch to non combat part of the game

    2. weapon variation/choicesThere should be a way to mod / change the weapons of the characters you choose. Say with daemon, for a balance attack, there should be a longsword option. For a sword that sacrifices power for speed, katana. For a sword that sacrifice speed for power, broadsword.
      Same thing with gizmo. Minigun, assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, etc. Of course have it make sense for the character. Kulev, zero cool, makutu, and maeve wouldn't have a different weapon. And this would be apart of the mod section of the workshop, it can help with a person develop their own playstyle for that character.

    3.counter system something I noticed today was that playing with gizmo, when trying to use the mini mech, makutu or someone could cancel it by attack rushing. I think there should be a counter system to to give the player a chance to get the upper hand.