Pc/Xbox cross play

  • Has the cross play news just killed the console version stone dead??

    Not been in the last few tests due to moving it to a Saturday but to be honest I doubt I’ll bother now. In my experience pc/console cross play never ends well unless console players invest in mouse and keyboard.. not happening here, sorry.
    If I wanna play pc style I’ll buy a pc.

    Or am I wrong??

  • @Rustic-Slug

    I tend to agree with PC players generally having a slight advantage in most games when cross play is involved. BUT I don't think it will be an issue at all with this game with no real manual aiming system which is usually where the biggest advantage creeps into play.

    Slightly off topic but I think the biggest problem this game will face is the advantage you get out of ping. LAN tournaments will be the direction this game goes competitively IMO. Once the skill gap narrows more and more, I think it will become a much more noticeable problem. Timing is so important and that 0.01 second difference vs your opponent because of ping can really be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

    Rather than mouse and keyboard vs controller where I cannot currently see any advantage in picking mouse and keyboard with the game's current mechanics.

    Cross play can only be a positive addition providing more accessibility and more popularity for the game.

  • @Rustic-Slug

    With the addition of cross play we aim to only add a more positive element to your Bleeding Edge experience! 🙂

    By allowing players to participate on both Xbox One and PC, you can connect and partner up with friends regardless of platform. Of course we are still in technical alpha and will continue to make improvements to help ensure Bleeding Edge is the best game it can be.

    alt text