Team Compositions and Synergys

  • Lets make this the go to thread for theory crafting team comps and role make up. Coming from a long background of Overwatch and WoW 3v3 arenas, I think I see a 1-1-2 composition working the best (1 tank, 1 dps, 2 sup), maybe even 0-2-2 depending how tanks play. I think my go to 1-1-2 would probably be: Buttercup, Daemon, Kulev, Miko, and my 0-2-2 would be: Daemon, Maeve, Kulev, Miko. Kulev and Miko just seem really good together with them both having good AoE healing, 2 shields, plus Freeze and Curse will set up really easy kills.

    Kulev and Daemon look insane together; if you combine Curse, Boon, and Death Mark, thats 3 damage multipliers on 1 target. Throw in 2 other heros that can either peel for the set up or enable it even further just looks SO FUN.

    What do you guys think? Whats the team comp you want to play?

  • @Nitrotetrazole gonna monitor this thread. I like your idea. I figure forum will get more lively when the alpha starts n people get those hands on...I'm sad we havent had many that have played the game comment in the forum to give us a feel for how it plays

  • Although I do wanna discuss that in detail I feel like unless we can know how the game plays out and how you obtain the said skills the meta game will develop way differently. If it's not like OW where you have your skills set and it's like a moba where you steadily level up and gain the skills. Right now we only know that you can choose between 2 different ults.

    But regardless I have to agree that Miko Kulev and Daemon look the strongest candidates for a meta comp, can't really see a tank that's worth it except maybe butter for the hooks? we'll see

  • @NIKOS18 I can assure you all tanks are definitely worth it.
    From what I played I can imagine meta team comps could fall in the direction of 2 tanks, 1 healer, 1 dps.

  • @Nitrotetrazole you’re largely undervaluing tanks. Without them it will be easy to overwhelm your team in teamfights.

    Take your 022 comp as an example. With no decent peel on your team Kulev is just going to get picked off at the start of any fight, then you’re left in a 3vs4 situation.

    From what I played I think stronger comps will have 2 tanks, 1 supp, 1 dps,
    or 1 tank, 2 supp, 1 dps.

    My theorycrafted comp that I’d like to try next week would be:

    Makutu main tank
    El b/butter off tank (butter when vs gizmo)
    ZeroCool/Miko support
    Any dps