Gamescom experience and few questions,

  • Well first impressions, it was pretty fun in certain elements.

    And what i say might be adressed already.

    But a few things i had questions wise,

    How will the element of playing with randoms be?, the best experience is always with friends, but in some Situations not everyone can.

    So How will the matchmaking work exact? and if you have bad team mates, what are the chance of reamatching with them? and have not a good time,

    Becuse thats one issue i always had with overwatch, when you had awful matches with some not so fun pepole. they would still pop up in your team or the opponent side.

    How is the game gonna be progression wise?,

    Will there be lootboxes or as some call them, Suprise mechanics., certain ways to change the playstyle of certain charecters ala paladins?.

    Also will there be a way to swing the odds better in a sticky situation? becuse if team doesent work well, but one player is really good, is there any way for someone to swing a match insted of it feeling like drag race,

    it was fun at gamescom, and i cant wait to see more, but im worried,

    and understandable that yall dont have a discord, its a bit of a mess to do properly,

    otherwise i would like a discord invite to anything related to bleeding edge,