Just a small concern with healers/support in general...

  • So far, I think your game is really great and I'm really looking forward to seeing more than just the trailer soon.

    At the moment I'm just worried that there will be similar problems with the healers in the game as in Overwatch, Paladins, League and other team based games.
    The role of the healer is least chosen one in virtually any team based game and is often the cause of toxic behavior, either because no healer was chosen, or because someone has to play the healer again, who is actually specialized in other roles.
    And most of the time support is always the most thankless role, as the kills go to the assasins or dps characters, and the healer has to wipe those characters' asses off.
    Will this problem be avoided in Bleeding Edge, or will there be the same issues with this topic as in other games?

  • @Seviper1610 from the character abilities seems like even the healers have a offense focus too. So that's good

  • @Seviper1610 I have a similar concern too, while they are "support" roles this is still a melee focused brawler. I think it's fine if they have a lower damage output compared to other characters, but I just don't want to be boiled down to "avoid the enemy while you buff/heal your allies" which seems to be prevalent in alot of class based team games. It would be really cool if they had their own combos and ways to hold their own in a fight so you can take a more active role in a match.

  • @OceanicRhapsody I agree with this but I also think part of the healer/support role is to be right next to your allies because that's your role. Some of the most over powered characters happen when healers have the same or slightly less damage output as other classes because not only are they matching damage, but they are also healing themselves. The best support characters I've played are ones that always have sub par damage output with skills that stun or slow the enemy while your team can easily take them out.

  • @Drewsepf Good point. It's NT so I have faith they'll get it right. Bleeding Edge is a fighting game so there are alot of ways to could go about it. It makes sense for a support character to have access to raw stats in the form of heals/buff/debuffs, but what if they could support in other ways that allow them to fight? Maybe attack strings that are lackluster on their own but are designed to be followed up by allies? I imagine a character like Kulev would not want to be upclose with an enemy, so his combos would end up creating space between him and the enemy for example.

  • We'll have to wait and test out and see how it plays out, on paper they look fine. What shouldn't happen in any game is to have heal creep like in OW.

  • Healers force the players to play as a team so I think they are essential. But indeed, in OW there is allways a lack of healers or tanks but mainly because tanks are not fun to play IMO and playing healer you can't carry your team if your tanks and dps are bad.

    In Bleeding edge when I read every caracter's abillities I feel like they are all super fun to play so this could avoid the problem of everyone playing dps. Furthermore it's 4v4 so you have more impact on each game. As a main healer I know I will be abble to be helpfull for the other 3 player.

    I have a really good feeling for what I have seen and the current abillities. Let's just see how everything is ballanced between damages and heal.

  • @VX-breezer-XV-1 Lack of healer or tanks? What game are you playing?

  • @NIKOS18 Overwatch, I play only healers and I often play with a compo where I'm the only healer when there should be 2 healers.

  • I wish everyone could be like that 1 indie game with healers. All praise the healer for they are giving me life. But probally want that cause i like being the healer goalie of a team.
    I think in games the healers sometime avoid there favourite class cause the class with most power starts blaming you for being shitty. I think though when get appreciative team then all worth the effort to heal forever.

  • this issue has been fixed in certain mmorpgs, where the healers get the xp/points from dps per kill, as well as their healing performance.

    so in those games, healers are helped out often because everyone knows if healer dies, the overall group loses exp and kill ratios.

    again - you only have to share the dps kills/exp/points with the healers and also grant healer performance stats to compare healers

  • @VX-breezer-XV-1 Ye seems like we are playing Overwatch whole lot differently because except the last month the previous 2 seasons was only tanks and supports for me to the point I have forgotten how to play dps

  • @dizzym0th I agree with this. If they give credit to healers for kills just to give a better K/D ratio, it will help with some toxicity in the community. Many players see healers with poor K/D ratios and assume they're bad and dragging the team down. With this minor fix, healers could become more favorable.

    As previously stated in this thread, healers that have a kit that involves some CC are probably going to be a great asset to team composition, making Kulev an interesting character, but I have my eyes set on Miko, almost purely for that Chain Heal ability. I also enjoy hybrid characters, Miko seems to be focused on dealing damage to heal, I'm just fearful that hybrid characters may be weak.

  • The creative director said in an interview her favorite role was healer/support. I think she mentioned that was a big part of why she started on the project. Apparently there were games like bleeding edge out there that she enjoyed playing but nothing that completely scratched the itch so to speak.

  • I love playing Mercy in OW. The satisfaction comes from being able to outmaneuver/outsmart your opponents while being able to contribute to the team - being exactly where you are needed with quick reactions and good pathing.

    Also, some may not realize that while playing as a healer or support, you are competing with the opponent supports. Contributing so much more than the opponent supports in every scenario is what separates a good support from a great one.

  • @The-Night-Mang They should show a healers revives and assists not there k/d cause noone plays healer to get up you k/d.
    I have experience being called trash cause i choose to only play healer. When they check out my score just get fustrated cause find them dumb judging me on that. I wish could slap on profiles "im a healer so stop peeping at my profile"
    I hope at least can set profile to private if k/d is showcased. Cause need to stop rank humpy people coming to profile and telling me how to play. I hate being told i need to play a certain way or choose a character. I'm a filthy casual let me enjoy all my games not go insane on one.
    I hope to heal you all in game and hope everyone has the same attitudes when healers come into game.

  • The way it seems with there kit healer ofc still are mainly a healer but with ke he has a ability to turn enemies to his side and some more offense / utility moves that will make the healers more apt to solo but ofc they shouldn't they are support for a reason,

  • @Seviper1610 dude.. don’t know what you are talking about. I and many other people love and live for support/healer roles. They are always important and welcomed .. I’m an Ana main but Baptiste is really awesome as well.

    I’m looking forward to what they come up with.