• I played Bleeding Edge at E3, and I was was really surprised by how damn good it was. The experience was great. At first I was upset that developers were playing because that meant less people could play at a time, but once I got up there, I realized having a developer with knowledge about the characters and game was amazing. It provided for a super unique experience that shined at E3.

    After playing the game, I tried to understand why the game was so good just mechanically and gameplay wise. The characters were obviously great, but the capture mode truly surprised me. I normally hate a domination based game. It turns into this super tedious back and forth of recapturing points that just got captured. If you don't want to do this, you can just focus on capturing one point and camping it to prevent others from taking it. But this is boring because you won't get action at all times.

    But none of these qualms irked at me while I played the game at E3. This is all due to Bleeding Edge doing one very simple thing: changing active control points. There are three capture points, but not all of the points are active at the same time.This simple change fixes all my qualms with regular domination where all three points are usually active at once. Gone is running back and forth from point to point. In is actual strategy and more action.

    It starts off with the middle point being active. This is great because you get to have a straight up 4v4 in the beginning of the game. Getting to the action fast is great. But then what might happen is the other two points become active. It's decision time. Do you split up and go capture both points at once? Maybe this is bad because what if all 4 go to one point, and now it's half of you versus a full team? But what if you need the points badly? There's legitimate fast decision making that needs to happen to answer this question. But then after this, the points change. Back to the central one. And there's different variations of active points as well.

    But I just thought I'd put this post out there to praise Ninja Theory for a unique and amazing E3 experience. I'm really looking forward to the game now, and seeing them turn Domination into an incredible game mode has me excited for what else they have in store for the game. If they can turn a dull mode into something awesome, it shows how smart the design team is.