My thoughts on Bleeding Edge @ E3 (SPOILERS)


    I was fortunate enough to attend E3 this year and waited the line to play Bleeding Edge!

    This game is truly amazing even in its early state! The game play was fresh and fun. The characters were very unique and interesting and the map we got to play test was well designed.

    During our demo we (3 random players+ 1 Dev) were paired with a dev who showed us the ropes for 15-20 mins and did their best to answer any questions we may have had. I opted to try the tank class and Makutu really jumped out to me. I played the intro tutorial with him and decided that Id continue playing as Makutu throughout the rest of the demo.

    The hoverboards are fun and essential as running on foot is very tedious as the maps quite large. The game play focused on capturing and controlling points which moved so the combat was very localized and active. The map featured a train which reminded me a lot of the original Gears of War where the train would pass through the map moving down unaware players. I managed to dodge the train by hiding in a crevice which surprised the devs who claimed "They didnt know that was possible to dodge the train in that spot" .

    Makutu is very tanky true to his class he can take hits and heal very quickly. In addition he has several awesome attacks. You can charge at enemies pinning them against walls and stomping them. you can also activate a charged attack similar to E Hondas/Street Fighters 100 Hand Slap. During our match I was able to go 12-0 and the game constantly kept me entertained.

    I hope that lots of you get to try the technical alpha or get to see this game in action at other conventions down the road because it is very fun!

    To Ninja Theory keep up the amazing work and thank you for all the swag I LOVE THE SOCKS !!! I cant wait to see the future of this game.