People lucky enough to play the alpha please share your thoughts

  • How are you enjoying the alpha?
    Is the game great?
    What are your initial thoughts?

  • Is it under any NDA? I haven't gotten my hands on a code either. Just curious.

  • It is under NDA or else I would of streamed for my friend who didn't get into the alpha

  • @Zennon71 I played BE last night for about 2 hours. My Family watched, two sons 7 and 9, my wife also watched. They all enjoyed watching me play. It is a fun game to spectate.

    My thoughts after playing:

    1. BE looks amazing. Graphics, colors, story, all feels new while comfortably similar to past experiences.
    2. The fluidity and speed of the game, make BE feel fast and agile. You're never waiting too much. Unlike many FSPs, respawning and finding a fight takes far too long.
    3. At first, the game feels button-mashy, but as you start to learn strategy and skills you learn that knowing what you're pushing is really beneficial ie mashing isn't helpful but allows for a good starting point.
    4. The game is HEAVILY team oriented. At first, this was a problem. The first hour of play I hated the game. Once other players started to learn that it was essential to move as a team, the game becomes very fun! You never want to be caught alone.
    5. By the end of the session. I found myself wanting to play more because of my initial feeling being so negative this was a surprise.

    The games it reminds me of:

    1. PVP World of Warcraft.
    2. Overwatch with fewer projectiles.

    Pros and Cons:

    1. Fast paced.

    2. easy learning curve with deep strategic Metagame.

    3. Great characters. Surrogacy is so important in storytelling. I will attach myself to characters I relate to. You've done a great job here.

    4. Needs more Characters( I'm sure this is in the works but for now will be a con.)

    5. A few of the characters were unbalanced eg. Daemon, being invisible is always difficult to balance. Makutu, there were times when he was just impossible to kill. Gizmo was fun but lacked the ability to run from a character like Daemon(which everyone was playing) I want to be clear that I'm being nitpicky the balance is very close to being great, but as anyone that's ever played multiplayer games, it doesn't take much to make a character exploitable, especially in the hands of a pro. After playing for 2 hours there were clear toons that got played in every match.

    6. Maps felt overly large for no reason. There is no sniping so I was confused about the need for so much detail. Triangular Domo points IMO are always the best maps (equidistant). Keeping A and C so far from each other becomes boring.

    What I would like to see:

    1. A leveling system that rewards skill and play time. Not a system of ancillary skins for my character. I know that balancing this can be extremely difficult. How to make the game enjoyable for new players but give longevity to older ones.
    2. As people start to play, gamers will quickly learn the power of playing with teams. I would like to see the game reward team play but also singular play. They are both unique experiences and should be rewarded as such.

    Overall experience

    The game is very fun. I don't say that lightly. My handle is Lotus I started using it while playing Cal-P CS back in 2002. It's older than most gamers nowadays. Playing for that many years can make most games extremely boring very fast as they all make the same mistake, create a game to make money rather than a game that makes the gamer think. A game that makes you think even while you're not playing will make money! I'm not against making money, I'm against making it a focal point.
    I'm excited to see what comes next but mostly I see creativity from what would seem to be something that's already been done. With minor improvements, this game could be huge. I really hope that happens because I can't wait to play more.

    Eric Bumpus

  • Thank you Lotus for your reply, I hope to be able to play the game before launch too.
    Congrats at getting a place in the alpha 🙂

  • @Zennon71 I had a great deal of fun playing on Thursday. The game is slick and it’s easy enough to pick up the controls and feel like you’re being useful during fights.
    The combat system isn’t overly deep, but there are plenty of little tricks to some of the melee fighters kits.

    To me the game felt most like a cross between overwatch and Smite, within an expanded upon powerstone arena.

    The game modes seem very fun, and do well to keep the action moving around the map, but one of them could do with being explained better or having a tutorial, as I found a lot of players would ignore the objective (collecting and banking power cells) or not seem to be able to work it out.

    One of the things I found most pleasantly surprising was the balance of the characters and their abilities. There wasn’t any character that stood out to me as being too strong/weak, except maybe kulev who seemed like he might be a little too high risk-low reward.

    Hopefully you’ll get an invite with the next wave that go out, so you can try things out for yourself.

  • @Zennon71 Ya no problem Zennon, I Hope you get in to. It would be nice to have more people to talk with about the game.

    There seemed to be a good amount of people in Alpha but I've been looking on the forums every day and I am not seeing a lot of people talking about.

    Can't wait to play the game again!

    Round 2 where you at?! #BleedingEdge

  • Thanks @CAKE-SLAP I love Overwatch still to this day all these years later, I saw a bit of OW in Bleeding edge when I first sore the trailer.
    @VTE-Lotus I hope to get a look at the alpha and I am sure I will be happy with it too, keeping my fingers crossed for an email.

  • Sore = Saw lol,

  • @VTE-Lotus Something to note about invisibility. Daemon and Meavus aren't completely invisible, so if you look hard enough you can see their movement. Another is sound, you can hear their footsteps if they run. If there is water you can see and hear the splashing. Daemon can be hurt in his invisibility, which makes up for his longer duration, while Meavus is shorter, but has invincibility.

  • I’ll say this so far I’m loving the game and the feel but the mount mechanic be it hover board or vehicle transformation just feels to slow to be worth changing into especially when my dodge moves me fast and quite far. Other then that it’s definitely team based to the point I’d say more so then overwatch a game I feel this is competing with.

  • Loving the game! I just really wish I could run faster using my stamina as well or have a speed boost added to the mount mechanic! This is an amazing game but doesn't feel like it should be as slow as it is.

    Also to add: it can be super hard to run away from a fight you know you'll lose when you have to wait for your stamina bar to recharge so you can dodge as far and as fast as you can. If the mount mechanic was faster maybe I'd have a better chance to escape the fight or if I had an ability to temporarily grant you with a boon of adrenaline that was available across all characters that might be a nice addition to the game. It can just be very frustration when you're being hammered by 3 enemies at once and no matter what you do you're kinda just stuck with no way out or a way to counter all that damage being dealt onto you.